Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of Issue Signing and Ceremony

Here are some snaps from this years first day of issue Art of Disney stamp series. The ceremony is always fun and it is intimidating to see your work towering over you! Why Disney chose to do the release in August is beyond me since it was INCREDIBLY hot, but it all went smoothly and once I was sitting and signing (five hours this year!) it was OK.

I was blessed and thrilled to have my parents with me and my wonderful partner Jared. Jared and I are both in seersucker in that picture, but I am sure he is much cooler than I am!

The gentlemen with me in the signing photo are my Art directors from the USPS and from Disney. My AD from the USPS has told me that the stamps are all in the top ten best selling stamps of all time now and who knows.....there may be more to come!?


Ricardo Lopez Ortiz said...

WoW! Who's that hansome devil!
Awesome job Pete!!

Patrick Costa said...
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Patrick Costa said...

OOOooo Look at this guy. King of the show! Looks like a great time Pete. Congratulations on a job beautifully done.

El gaucho said...

Peter: this is the first time i visit your blog and i am impress with your works, i mean... those works of the wizard of Oz are AMAZING, have no words, your stuff is extraordinary!! i hope one day to make works as yours

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Peter, you're famous! Very neat! Love the stamps!

The Butcher said...

Congratulations on the stamps!!!! More importantly you are sporting one cool beard! I love it. How long have you had it? I am sure you loved having it in August , in Florida. :) I am working on my own beard but it not quite as cool as yours. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy checking out all the work on your blog.


The Bear Maiden said...

I miss you so much!!! You look so DISTINGUISHED with the beard. All grown up, lol.

I'm so very proud of you... proud to know you. My sincerest congratulations.

CawfeeGuy said...

OMG that is WONDERFUl!!!! congrats!

David said...

Hi Peter, no more time for us in florence...:) let's hope that next june you'll have more time to go out for dinner:)