Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sketching, sketching, sketching....

When I started at Disney I never kept a sketchbook. I give John Quinn the credit for teaching me that the only way to be better is to keep a book. Did I listen....? Not for a long time.

Now of course I keep several at all times. Often I carry two or three with me on a holiday so I have a choice of which book I want for which subject matter. I have recently started books on nature as well as architecture (I don't yet have the balls to post anything so don't look for them anytime soon), but it has always been about drawing people.

I know I draw a lot of people reading and drinking coffee and whatnot, but who cares? I am drawing right? I am always trying to push myself to be more creative and interpretive. I find sketchbook art has shaped my ability to see things and interpret them like no other art form. If I had a choice of what I would do for an entire day it would be to sketch in a book in public drawing every big nose and ass around me. The weirder people look the happier I am. I want to thank everyone who has said kind words to me on previous posts. So many of you are people whose talent and opinions I admire and respect a great deal.