Friday, December 28, 2007

The Little Match Girl 2

Here are some more images I created for The Little Match Girl theme.

There is the original sketch I did where she was kneeling in the snow as well as two very rough images of her dead. I wanted her to have died with a smile on her face looking peaceful and happy like a beautiful little girl who just fell asleep.

Lastly is a more refined version of the image I had painted last time. I have to get back to some other work so I have to leave the color image where it is for now. Who knows if I will go back to it when I have more time? I think I worked her enough but I would like to finish the box and the matches.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Little Match Girl

This month's Gum or Mints assignment was the Little Match Girl.

I have always liked this story although it is grim. The concept of her getting lost in the hallucination is what attracted me first with this assignment and subsequently the light from the matches which help to take her there. I felt the need to work in color for this to feel the light best and did a watercolor rough of the first image I drew out. I really was going for an awestruck expression as well. I wanted her to look completely happy and not to care about all that was bad in her life. I have done some changes to the drawing and will probably give it another try in watercolor. I have also done some of her dead the next morning that I have to scan and will post them once I do.