Monday, August 13, 2007

The Art of Disney: Magic Stamp Release

Hey everyone- off to Orlando for the new stamp release.....First day of issue is Thursday the 16th so run out and get 'em!

I will post pictures when I get back!


Unknown said...
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John T Quinn III said...

i was hoping you'd make Tinker Bell look more like Michele Kwan. :-)
Well done Pete!


Congrats Pete! This is HUGE!!!

Vince M said...

Great, great, great!!!
So nice to know that you're doing this series.

Peter Emmerich said...

Thanks all my dear friends for your kind words and wonderful support. I do these things so far in advance that it is fun to see them all printed and on envelopes. Very surreal!

JTQ3- Who said the Michel Kwan comment? I can't remember? This is going to drive me nuts!

I miss you guys and have to come and see you soon!

Thanks again!