Sunday, February 12, 2006

Faculty Meetings

Faculty meetings are moments pregnant with possibilities. I do hope my colleagues are not insulted. These are only a few I have done so there are more to come. This is a posting that I would welcome opinions from my students! I hope they enjoy them especially!


James Lake said...

Holy frijoles! After staring at these mugs for four years it's nice they've been IMMORTALIZED. They're not insulted, the only thing that insults them is ravoli on the ceiling. The one of "sleeping beauty" is my favorite, I had AMPLE opportunities to capture a fool I didn't.

Esther Westwood said...

these are Great! i love the last two of the Ladies. you really caught them. super cool

IAMazon said...

HA!!! Those are great Peter! I know exatly who they are...bravo!!