Sunday, February 26, 2006


In 2001 I was commissioned by the United States Postal Service and The Walt Disney Company to create a series of stamps. This was a project that was avoided by Disney for a long time and there was great pressure to make the images significant for both Disney and the USPS.

Originally the series was supposed to consist of four images only. There was a change in plans while I was finishing the first of the stamps that were designed and the set was expanded to twelve. Here is the second set which were released last year with the theme " Celebrate". I never got around to posting them on my website as I did the first set....sooooo here they are, FINALLY!

These are the images without being cropped, with no price. The next set of images will be released in April and the theme is "Romance". It has truly been an honor to have my work on postage stamps- especially when I get them in the mail!

BTW- These were done in acrylic on masonite


estherc said...

these are so beautiful!
i'm going to have to run to the post office

Peter Emmerich said...

Better get there soon! The price change has taken place and they will not make any more! If you can't find them I think you have an "in" with someone who can help you!

Thanks E.C.

Sam Wang said...

These are amazing. I remember the first set you did. I remember thinking to myself these are great paintings. I wonder who did them. Then I found out it was you. I was like WOW! Peter got really good. How big are the original paintings?

Peter Emmerich said...

Hi Sam,

The Snow White image is the largest of the bunch at 6"X 9".

Hope all is well,


PS- Thanks for the compliments, not to mention the shock. Was I that bad before?

Alina Chau said...

Saw these at the post office, that's very cooool!! You design all these awesome stamp!!

Christine Walker said...

You mean the stamps were you!!!? Wow! wonderful!