Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some Recent Life Drawings....

Hey folks...thanks for checking in even though I have not been posting much.

Been busy on several projects and have lots going on. School is finished for the semester and I have a few things I have to get done before I leave for Florence (woo-hoo!) Here are a couple of life drawings I did recently that I felt had some merit. I have a bunch more and will post them when I have time to scan them !


Anonymous said...

Hi Honey! Thanks for your response the end of April. I had to check out your blog... okay, so I and my scones are NOT listed in your list of favorites, but I know that was an oversight!!! :) Texas is incredible...okay, maybe NOT as wonderful as Florence (still have that lovely tea you brought me from your first visit, remember?). Anyway, if you even THINK you might make it to the Austin area, you BETTER let us know. The light is on, and there are always clean sheets on the guest bed. Lots of love to you, and let me know how Florence is after you get back. Hugs to you both~ Mother Trisha

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

these have so much energy in them (and the line is consistent as well) I thought you might be reading McMullan's book. nice caricature in the service of "drama." these did catch my eye but, i didn't say anything but, since you mention my hero, I have to say something, right?
what kind of classes are you teaching, drawing?
one of these days I'm gonna come to NY and sit in on one of your classes and draw.
Some of the guys here have been asking me about drawing so, we've been talking about McMullan's program and the book. I'm gonna go online and see if I can find a couple of those.
anyway, you honor me by saying I played any part in your growth. Hard work, dedication and intelligence are the real reasons for the kind of work you're doing.
bravo pete.

Dorota said...

Really great drawings Peter!!

richtuzon said...

beautiful drawings...i agree with John's last comments.

martin wittig said...

I hope that your trip went well! It's been awhile since we last spoke, and I wanted to catch up sometime. I recently moved, and have a new phone number. drop me an e-mail sometime! I don't have yours,..i can't find it on my damn computer.
All the best,