Monday, July 02, 2007

Back From Italy

Most of you know I spend the month of June in Italy as Asst. Professor to Sal Catalano as he teaches a class on the Masters of the Renaissance. I spend a lot of my sketching time in the Loggia located in the Piazza Signoria drawing the tourists. I do draw the sculpture every now and then (this Loggia houses Cellini's Perseus holding the head of Medusa as well as the Rape of the Sabine by Giambologna) but the tourists are always remarkable. I have a lot more images to scan and post but I thought I would get started since I have not posted in a while.

The last image listed is of Paolo Pugliese, a most talented and prolific artist with a very bright future ahead of him.


Patrick Costa said...

Hey Pete, welcome back! Hope you had a good time and looking forward to seeing all your studies.

Brendan Munday said...

Peter...hi, look what I have