Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some fiddling around.

Here is a little watercolor I did on Fabriano paper. I bought the smallest cards they had to do little exercises for myself. The quality of the paper is wonderful and they warp only slightly.

This is just random and there is no planning involved. I have no idea what I am going to paint by the time I start. I love drawing the uglier, meaner looking characters the most I must say. Even when I was at Disney I always enjoyed drawing the Villains most.

Her expression is similar to a previous woman I posted. I must like that sly look.


kevin micallef said...

Great work Peter. Love your blog! Great personalities in all your work.

Peter Emmerich said...

Than you Kevin,

I went to your BLOG as well and am all the better for it. Your character designs are wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your work and your comment.


PS- I have a student who is nuts for Chaplin and can't wait to send him to see your blog entry. That drawing says it all!

Jeff Harter said...

Hey Peter, what do you do in New York? Sounds like you may teach? Just curious, I used to work at the mouse factory and I'm also from new york (upstate.)

Peter Emmerich said...

Hey Jeff,

I teach at FIT and have also taught at the Pratt Institute. I worked for DCP when I graduated from college along side John Quinn, Terrell and the rest. God, it is going on ten years! Thanks for checking in on my blog. I have been going to your site since John first recommended it. I am sure we would have had fun together working at Disney. I remeber my time at the Tower as the happiest time in my career there.

Andre Moore said...

I love this! Looks like one of my old school teachers or something.

estherc said...

HELLO Peter!
this is my favorite piece on your blog...then carl of course.

Sweet Pea said...

She is great! Ominous and cool at the same time.

Love your work.

leatherargento said...

your Mean Skinny Ladies make me nervous -- I feel like they're gonna wheel around and -- SMACK! -- then withdraw the heavy pocketbook, smiling like the Wicked Stepmother did when she petted that gray cat and plotted doom for Cinderella... Brrrr! You're good at Menace!