Saturday, October 08, 2005

One More.....

As always, the cafe at Barnes & Noble.


John T Quinn III said...

hey, i like this one. sparse, not too rendered. i like the way the shape and attitude of the hand completely mirrors his face.
i sometimes feel there's a bit too much control in your drawings and would love to see a bit more of "the hunt." the chasing of specific lines to tell the whole story. allow yourself to make a mess in the pursuit of a specific idea.
a previous post of the guy with the chin. it's the juxtaposition of chin against neck shoulder forehead-something- i don't know. i see something in there but it's murky for me because it's behind all your care and caution.
one man's POV.
again i applaud your energy and enjoy checking in on your drawings. keep it up pete, nice work.

Peter Emmerich said...

Thank you.

I too feel that some of the better drawing is the more spontanious stuff that is not so careful. I love to work with a ball point pen because I can have so much control and sometimes I forget it is about taking chances and letting go. I AM NOT BLAMING THE PEN, JUST MY USAGE!

You did some wonderful drawings not so long ago in your drawing class that were value studies in graphite pencil of various heads. I enjoyed what you did with those and the energy that was inflected. I may have to take your lead on that. How long did you take to do them?

John T Quinn III said...

varied. mostly while steve huston was blathering on. i would say, 10 to 15 minutes.